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What does be more?

Get to know your body.

We assist you when you: suffer from physical restrictions that reduce your wellbeing; there are situations in your daily life, that are especially challenging for you; if you want to develop beyond your current limitations.
Together we train your body attention in a structured learning process according to the Grinberg Method. In individual sessions and workshops in our center or online, you acquire tools for your daily life, which enable you to sustainably improve your wellbeing on your own.

Who is be more?

be more. be yourself!

be more are Bernhard and Michaela. We are curious, open and life-appreciating people who are happy to support you in your challenges. The Grinberg Method gave us access to living life the way we like it. Our goal is to support you professionally with your challenges so that you can grow with them. be more. be yourself!
You can contact each of us directly:

Bernhard Etzlinger Michaela Etzlinger-Raab
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What for is the Grinberg Method?

Body work according to the Grinberg Method can help you

    • to increase your natural self-healing abilities, especially after medical treatment and when suffering chronic pain.
    • for challenging situations, in which you burn your energy (e.g., in stress situtions in your work, anxiety)
    • to personally develop such as improving your ability to concentrate, strengthening your talents or your will power.
    • in your pregnancy and for your preparation to give birth, for which we offer a specific (online) course and individual training.

The Grinberg Method trains your body attention and gives you the possibility, to increase your wellbeing on our own.


How does this work?

Awareness on you.

In a personal learning process, you learn to increase your awareness to your body. You are guided to recognize patterns that you apply in our daily life, which are usually repeated unconsciously. Many of these patterns cause symptoms in your body and create suffering. Beyond paying attention you learn stopping them to allow your body to heal and to gain a higher level of energy. Just think of how your neck pain can reduce once you learn to relax your shoulders and jaw even in stressful situations! The same applies to thoughts and emotions.

You can train in a one-to-one process, online or in our center. A foot assessment in combination with an interview is conducted in the beginning to identify your current situation and a clear aim for the process. During the sessions you will experience breathing, exercises and touch to guide your attention. Through verbal guidance, your awareness to automatic reactions is increased and you experience what they aim to cover. Most important, you learn to stop them in your daily life!

In our workshops and courses you are guided together with other participants through a predefined topic. Also here you will learn about your individual reactions (e.g., to pain and fear) and how you can stop them. In the context of the topic you will gain more freedom and wellbeing in your daily life. Note that we have a specific course for women during their pregnancy!


What more?

This is what our clients report.

Our clients share their experiences in written feedbacks, videos and on facebook. Find a collection here on our page.


be more in the web:

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Watch our videos on: https://vimeo.com/user93150511