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Bernhard Etzlinger



The Grinberg method offers me a working environment in which I can touch people on several levels. A complete perception of my clients is an essential part of accompanying them from where they are. This is just as important for physical limitations as it is for mental or emotional goals. The work approach gives me the opportunity not to want to improve or correct my clients, but to go through a process with them step by step, me being on equal to them.

I come from a medical family, which was always open to new and alternative therapies. Early on, I was confronted with many approaches that involved nutrition and / or body work. The Grinberg method was the first effective and sustainable method that I got to know during my doctoral studies. This form of body work helped me sustainably with serious physical limitations, with stress symptoms and many other topics. On one hand, it was particularly fascinating for me to do something by myself and, on the other hand, that relaxed muscles, for example, do have an impact to situations in life. Very often I also rediscovered parts of my own that were long forgotten before. Today I pass this fascination in individual sessions to my clients! People in the scientific environment as well as entrepreneurs are constantly confronted with deadlines, competition and pressure to perform. This can have effects on the body, on the general vitality as well as on the ability to concentrate. Clients learn what they are doing in these situations that limits them and how they can stop it. As a result, unnecessarily wasted energy can be used purposefully and lead to more ease even in difficult moments.

As clients, I particularly want to attract people who have a desire to invest their attention to make improvements for themselves. This includes, among others, those who need their body in maximum presence in their everyday life (as in competitive sports, dance, science, ...), or people who have already tried many therapies and methods and actually no longer believe that something can change.

Topics to start a process according to the Grinberg method are manifold (see Experiences) - after accidents, physical limitations, to deal with stress, to gain clarity and effectiveness in thinking, and much more. As you notice, this is independent of the age of the client!

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