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Who is be more?

be more are Bernhard and Michaela. We are curious, open and life-appreciating people who are happy to support you in your challenges. The Grinberg Method gave us access to living life the way we like it. Our goal is to support you professionally with your challenges so that you can grow with them.
be more. be yourself!

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be more. be yourself!

In our lives, there are many situations in which we do not act freely. Often we unconsciously act on patterns that we have acquired long ago. These can include tensions, moods, recurring thoughts, or much more. If we are not aware of these patterns, we can not exhaust our full potential. Certain situations are very stressful, or we feel physical effects such as restricted mobility and pain.

As an example please read the page Learning Process.

By raising awareness of one's own patterns, one gets the freedom to break out of these and develop oneself sustainably. You have the opportunity to regain your full potential in situations, and to be more than the patterns allow!

The Grinberg Method offers a systematic way of using a learning process to perceive your own patterns and to get to know alternatives. It supports you, if

  • you suffer chronic pain, and these are medically clarified.

  • there are situations, in which you want to be more successful,

  • you want to develop yourself personally.


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