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Online Service


Body work in online sessions

Since the spread of Corona Virus we are offering Grinberg method sessions online! We can respond individually to our clients and support them on a variety of topics! Our holistic body work is optimally adapted to the video medium using a large number of tools. In a first session we clarify whether we are the right person for your request and how we can best help you.
To make an appointment or for more information, contact us at me@be-more.today



When do clients come to us?
  • physical discomfort such as pain, restricted movement, difficulty in sleeping etc. (medical clarification required)
  • Challenging situations in life, which cause stress, anxiety, panic, fatigue
What does bodywork look like in an online session?
  • We can respond individually to our clients via video. Through careful perception and questioning, we find out how we can best achieve your goal with you. In our work, we can use a variety of tools that include verbal instructions, physical exercises and movement training. During a session, we apply them in a way that suits best to you!
  • Several sessions are structured in one learning process. You evolve from session to session in order to achieve a sustainable result on your aim.
What does "holistic body work" mean?
  • Holistic means that we do not separate mental, physical and emotional states. These topics unite in the body in different automatic reactions on which we train your attention and increase your ability to control them.
How long does a session last and how much does it cost?
  • One session lasts for one hour. The price depends on the practitioner and price level of the client's country (contact the practitioner of your choice for details).
Is it beneficial to start video sessions during the Corona crisis?
  • The current situation poses new challenges for everyone. The tension in it brings more energy that can be used directly in meetings!
 Further information from Q&A with Ruth Eklana (co-funder of the Grinberg Methode) you find here.
(here you find the feedbacks of our online clients)

About us

We have been working with clients on various topics in Austria, Italy, Israel and Greece since 2016. Our training as a practitioner of the Grinberg method gives us the tools to professionally support our clients in dealing with pain and fear. Our aim is that we bring our clients to independence in achieving their goal. For more information about us, see our profiles at the practitioner page. In the Feedbacks as well as in our Videos you can learn about our clients experience.

In 2020, we began developing online Grinberg Method sessions to enable people around the world - regardless of geographic distance from the nearest practitioner - to benefit from the unique service of the Grinberg Method. Currently, about 20 Grinberg Method practitioners and Ruth Elkana, one of the founders of the Method, actively support this initiative and work with numerous clients worldwide. If you would like to learn more about online sessions, we invite you to visit  www.grinbergmethod-onlinesessions.com!