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Ben Friedman

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Hi, my name is Ben Friedman. I am a level 2 Grinberg Practitioner, out of Tel Aviv, Israel.

To share a bit, I have arrived at this after suffering from excruciating back pain for 6 months, being unable to walk or work. I've seen endless of professionals whose aim was to help me get well and no one could aid. Almost going to surgery, I found out of the Grinberg Method and in a few sessions i felt that i got my life back as the pain subsided and i reclaimed my normal day to day!

Since that experience, aside from being a client of the method, i have decided to learn and become a practitioner of the method, sharing that experience with others and helping them regain those lost parts of their lives. If you are ever around Tel Aviv, dont be a stranger.

I'd be happy to meet!

How to reach me:

King George 33 | Tel Aviv
T: +97 2508681686