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Physical symptoms

Silvie Kay (facebook post)
I would like to say thank you to!! 10!! Udo's nephew, whom I entrusted my back to (poor!!), my lumbar pains for 10 days following the car accident and applying to me by video the Grinberg method he is a practitioner in Linz.
I didn't know at all.... but one thing for sure, the tensions are less intense, my sleep is deeper, the breathing is calmer, and I'm learning to understand my pain, the stress, the tensions differently! A very interesting work on yourself with simple exercises, visualizing your sensations and specifying them! Plus he's so nice! You can try it. He makes people work all over the world!
Silviu Cadia (facebook post)
Dear ones, I highly recommend a form of therapy that I consider extremely efficient. In addition to the feedback in this video, I want to share with you my experience - vis the #Grinberg method, which almost completely solved a very old health problem and not only.
More than 15 years ago I underwent 4 knee surgeries that ended my performance sport. Since then problems have been increasing and no form of therapy has had too many effects. I've tried all kinds of medicines and supplements, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, practicing yoga for 7 years already, homeopathy, Tibetan and oriental therapies, creams and tinctures of all kinds, even injections, all without much results. Bike kept me in decent shape for a while but I felt my knee degrading every day lately. This autumn I could barely walk and an MRI suggested a new surgery... which would have cost enormously anyway and the chances of success were like the lottery.
6 months of almost complete repaos followed, with very easy exercises for recovery. I was getting used to thinking that I would never be able to run or ride my bike like I used to. And yet I thought I'd try the Grinberg method, offered by the be more, I had nothing to lose in the end. Since they are to be found in Austria and the pandemic kept us in the house, the sessions were all online!
I made 5 (five! ) sessions (one per week) under the guidance of Bernhard (the guy from the beginning of the video) and exercise daily. What happened during this time, for me it equates to a miracle. Not only am I out of 90 % of pain but knee mobility is better than before surgeries 15 years ago! I didn't think I'd be able to run again (which hasn't happened in over 10 years) even be able to stay in the lotus! Besides all this, I came to discover what was holding me back mentally and emotionally, or why I couldn't recover from all these problems.
Although I wrote a lot, it's hard for me to describe in words what I feel and how I feel right now. The Grinberg method doesn't exist in Romania yet, but I think it's only a matter of time before we have therapists. Until then, research about this form of therapy and especially contact them (even online) if you have problems. This may have suited me most of all the tried but the results were fantastic. #bemore #grinbergmethod #recovery #healthy





Felix (24), April 2018:
My personal experience with your Therapy method was, after the third session, better feeling and understanding of my own body. I have never been so aware of the complex interaction between body and mind. My physical results were better control over all muscle groups of the whole body and faster recovery after an effort or training session. The handling of pain was controlled and better perceived. The coordination of all body parts to the smallest muscle fiber has been improved.
BR your cruciate ligament patient!

Darina (36), Februar 2018:
Very often I had headache, tensions in my forehead and I was often dizzy. I learned how to deal with headache and to breath. I don't have cold feet and I am not dizzy anymore. Breathing is the most essential process in my body and I learned that I can manage my life alone. I got more confident and sense in myself. I am not afraid of getting the headaches because now I know that I can deal with them. I accepted them. And I am not affraid of being alone. The Grinberg Method is very helpful and life changing. It boosted my positivity and improved my life.

Eva (55), February 2018:
I had pain sometimes pressure in the left rib cage, about 3-4x/week for two months. I have perceived the pressure sometimes more intensively - I got a better awareness about it. The frequency has decreased and after four sessions I was free of pain. In addition, I've had an auditory noise for many years, especially on the left side. The ear noise has also decreased overall. It has become more equal and less. I've learned that I can actively do something about the pain. I have seen a connection between the physical and the psychological level and when the pressure in the rib cage has increased. I now have more awareness of my body. I can "work" with my body, causing pain reduction. Breathing has a lot of healing potential.

Julia (21), January 2018:
For two years I have had pain in my upper back. After 4 sessions I have much less pain and more often even painless days. I've learned to deal with the pain through breathing, paying more attention to the pain. I am not anymore afraid to be helpless when pain occurs. Now I pay more attention to my sitting position or more generally to my everyday life. I got to know and control my body better, especially in terms of breathing and targeted tightening and relaxing of muscles.

Walter (38), January 2018:
The pressure on the forehead and in the eyes and the headache I have had for several years. I have learned to breathe consciously and which posture I am doing, which intensifies and relaxes the pain. The method has a lasting effect. I have less severe headaches and I can also contribute to the improvement. I also received more composure and a positive view.

Christine (54), January 2018:
My goal was to release the tension on my back, neck and shoulders that I have had for so many years and never quite get away, using new methods and breathing techniques. I learned to take more time for me and my body and to treat my body well.

Peter (29), January 2018:
4 years ago I had a sports accident in the cervical area. Since then, I have repeatedly struggled with strong tension in the neck area. As a result, the local pain can radiate throughout the body. In the treatments, we consciously dealt with this pain. I learned that when the pain occurs parts of my body go into a tense protective posture and thus strengthens the tension even more. Through this awareness, I became more attentive and was able to recognize a tensed posture early and prevent or counteract the pain.

Kerstin (32), January 2018:
At the beginning of September my suffering started with my knee. Swollen knee, bending not possible, doctor's visit, MRI - diagnosis of cartilage damage 2nd degree, and this at the age of 32 years. Great desperation spread, as the ski tour season was starting.
In the middle of December, I had my first appointment and was immediately amazed at what my feet, my physical posture and my facial expressions told about me. Repressing pain is an art, but then consciously allowing it is much harder. I've learned which parts of my body I need to tweak and relax when confronted with pain and problematic situations. After the second session in January, I easily managed to walk again stairs without hobbling. After 5 sessions I'm now pain-free, and I know how to deal with my tensions in the body and I am finally able start the ski touring season. Thank you!