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Systema and Grinberg Method

Impact and Relaxation: 

Insights from Systema Martial Arts and the Grinberg Method

Workshop: April 27 and 28, Linz, Austria
Register by email: me@be-more.today

Systema body structure

Every decision you make has a ripple effect on the environment and the people around us. This interconnectedness often leads to inner conflicts and mental gymnastics as we navigate the choices before us. Especially in challenging moments, our ability to act decisively and assert our innate power can become compromised, affecting various aspects of our lives, including relationships, work, and self-expression.

Join us for a transformative 2-day workshop where we merge the wisdom of Systema Martial Arts and the Grinberg Method to help you harness your natural ability to influence the world. You will learn how to powerfully follow your will, how to strengthen your decisiveness and unleashing creativity, and how to do all of this even under pressure!

What to expect:

Through Systema, you'll discover how to generate power from softness and relaxation, rather than from strength and ‘pushing yourself’. This is based upon the four Systema principles of Breathing, Movement, Relaxation, and Structure. Through practical exercises and teachings you’ll learn to find freedom in moments of (actual) stuckness, move with efficiency and as a whole, relax under pressure and moments of stress and create power from a state of calm and effortlessness.

The Grinberg Method will complement these practices by teaching you to focus attention on your body and harnessing the power of fear, pain and emotions. You'll learn to navigate fears and insecurities that may arise, such as the fear of hurting others or being hurt, not measuring up to expectations or not being powerful enough, allowing you to cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, empowerment and decisiveness. 

You’ll learn hands-on tool which you can bring into your daily life, creating a practice that can continue long after this workshop. 

Who should attend:

This workshop is open to anyone eager to make a positive impact in their lives and the world around them. No prior experience in martial arts is required—all levels of practitioners are welcome.

Workshop Details:

  • Dates: April 27 and 28
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM with a 20-minute break
  • Location: Linz, Austria
  • Participation Fee: 135 EUR for the entire workshop, 95 EUR for Saturday only
  • Language: Workshop will be held in English, with German translations where needed
  • Register by email to me@be-more.today or tel 069910197934

About the trainers:

Leander_Systema   Bernhard_Systema

Leander is a body-based therapist, breath work and movement teacher, and martial artist with over 5 years of experience in guiding deep developmental processes, both individually and in group settings. In 2023 he became a Systema breathwork teacher and he is in a continuous process to develop himself as a Systema practitioner and teacher. In his systema learnings he has had the privilege to  train with Master teachers Vladimir Vasiliev and Martin Wheeler, among many other great Systema teachers in Europe and Canada.

Bernhard is a scientist and body therapist, both fields being guided by his passion for exploring the unknown. In body therapy, his most important teachers are Avi Grinberg, founder of the Grinberg Method, and Yaron Benyamini, 9th Dan Grandmaster in Kung Fu, from whom he learns to awaken and decisively direct energies in the body. He imparts this knowledge in individual processes and group sessions. He has had the opportunity to give courses at World Cup training camps for beer sommeliers, to guide professional dancers into the resources of their bodies and to teach entrepreneurs how they can combine efficiency and joy.