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Recovering from PAIN
in 7 Steps

Online Workshop for Professional Dancers

In this Online Workshop you will:

  • discover the habits which interfere with recovering from pain
  • stop the habits which prevent the natural healing of your body
  • learn how to use fear as a healing energy
  • increase your level of body attention
  • learn exercises which you can apply throughout your career
  • learn to use your breathing capacities fully
The included Recap Meeting covers:
  • Q&A, sharing experiences
  • reviewing workshop content
  • making sure that you can apply the 7 steps to the best

Workshop Date:
 next dates to be announced
 Email us to receive updated

Recap Meeting:
to be announced

Events will be held via Zoom.

Price: to be announced

Payment is requested in advance. Maximum 20 participants.

In this workshop you learn through your body how to use all your body's energy and ability to recover from pain conditions and injuries in the quickest way possible. You will be introduced to one of the core techniques of the Grinberg Method®, the "PASSION process", which is a simple and effective 7-step technique to experience your body's full potential. Through this technique you will 1) discover your long-learnt habits that prevent you from healing, 2) learn how to stop them and 3) gain back the energy invested in them to let your body heal. The workshop includes theory (30%) and practice (70%) parts. You will be doing writing and physical exercises and receive group sessions. You will receive practical information/exercises which you can immediately integrate into your daily life.

This online workshop is intended for:

  • dance students
  • professionial dancers
  • dance teachers
  • dance choreographers

Recap Meeting

One week after the Online Recovery Workshop we offer a 1 hour recap meeting to give space to your questions and to your experiences. Based on your sharing we will review the workshop content that you are able to implement it the best possible in your daily life!


Currently no registration available. If you want to receive news about upcoming events for dancers - write us:



Who will guide you through the Online Workshop?

You will be guided by three Grinberg Method® practitioners.

Dr. Bernhard Etzlinger
Bernhard discovers with you how to increase body attention.
More information on Bernhard: link

Mag. Michaela Etzlinger-Raab
Michaela guides you through experiencing and giving control over your habits with pain.
More information on Michaela: link

Dr. Gözde Utan
Gözde will teach you how to use the body’s natural breathing capacity and how to activate the healing energy in your body.
More information on Gözde: link



Dancer's feedback to the Grinberg Method @ be more

Dancer's Feedback

"I recommend it to everyone! Necessary and selfchanging."
"It‘s a process where you start to see things about you in a way you normally wouldn‘t see at all. Only through the signs of your body."
"No nauseas in the morning, less pain in my stomach."
"An intense wonderful adventure to the depths of yourself. To heal wounds which conditionate our relationship with family, friends and colleagues."

(Dancers feedback to Grinberg Method sessions with be more)

(Avi Grinberg with the Batsheva Dance Company & Ohad Naharin)